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 JR Comments on Raw Mistake

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JR Comments on Raw Mistake Empty
PostSubject: JR Comments on Raw Mistake   JR Comments on Raw Mistake Icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2008 4:16 pm

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made a mistake in commentary on RAW Monday night when I mentioned that it was Hogan and HHH who were the only two men who had held the WWE and IC Titles at the same time. Of course I meant to say it was the Ultimate Warrior who defeated Hogan for the WWE Title at WM6 in the Skydome in Toronto and for the record the Hulkster did kick out at 3 1/2, by golly, if you are keeping up with such info at home. Several wrestling websites had my misspeaking as a headline of sorts on Tuesday morning. My bad…no excuses…but it won’t be the last time I fumble. For all of you that have done live TV and have experienced many different sounds in one’s headsets I am sure you know what I mean. Someone even nicely said I was “entitled” to make a mistake and all this time I thought that every human was “entitled” to make the occasional mistake. Shows what I know. The next thing that some Einstein will write is that “J.R. is undoubtedly slipping” or that “J.R. must have gone to happy hour before RAW celebrating his new contract.”
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JR Comments on Raw Mistake
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