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 TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results

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TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results Empty
PostSubject: TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results   TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 2:14 pm


- TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Tomko defeated BG James and Bullet Bob Armstrong.
- Traci Brooks defeated Payton Banks
- Scott Steiner beat Petey Williams in the Case vs. Case match
- Eric Young beat James Storm to keep the Drinking Championship after Rhino made his return and hit the GORE on Storm.
- Awesome Kong beat ODB to retain the TNA Women's Championship
- Abyss defeated Judas Mesias in Barbed Wire Massacre 2
- Booker T vs. Robert Roode ended in a double-countout after the bout spilled to the backstage area
- Black Machismo and The Motor City Machineguns beat Team 3D and Johnny Devine to save the X Division. Machismo also regained the X Division Championship.
- Kurt Angle beat Christian Cage to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship after Tomko cost Cage the bout!

Show Coverage:

The Pay-Per-View is kicking off with a special ceremony featuring the National Gaurd and Marine veterans for the singing of the National Anthem. BG James and Bullet Bob Armstrong vs. AJ Styles and Tomko for the TNA World Tag Team Championship will be the first match.

Before the bout, AJ Styles and Tomko had some heated words in the ring over their recent problems involving Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. JB then did the in-ring introductions for the title match. BG and AJ started off, with Bullet Bob tagging in and slapping the taste out of AJ and Tomko's mouths. AJ and Tomko continued to disagree during the bout. Styles and Tomko worked over Bullet Bob until Tomko missed a boot in the corner and BG was able to tag in and regain the momentum. AJ accidentally took out Tomko with a flying elbow, leading to a near pinfall from BG on AJ. Minutes later, AJ was able to hit BG's knee with a flying dropkick, allowing AJ and Tomko to hit their Tonadoplex finisher on him for the win. After the bout, Bullet Bob and Kip James came in to check BG's leg.

Backstage, Karen Angle screamed at Kurt Angle over all the problems they've been having lately.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the night's matches at the announce table.

The next match was Traci Brooks vs. Robert Roode's COO, Ms. Payton Banks. Traci immediately went after Banks with a vengeance as they brawled outside the ring. It was all-out fight between the two TNA Knockouts as they slugged it out in and out of the ring. Traci won out in the end when Payton mistimed a move in the corner and Brooks rolled her up for the pin. After the bout, Payton went after Traci again - but Traci got the upper hand and chased her out of the ring.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed Scott Steiner and Petey Williams about their upcoming bout. Steiner warned Petey not to try and copy him in the ring tonight - and else he would have a surprise for Petey. The Case vs. Case match is up next.

Petey Williams started off posing and trying to match Steiner with power - which obviously didn't work. Petey then began mocking Steiner and made him chase him - allowing Williams to catch Steiner by surprise. Petey got some quick X style offense in, but Steiner grounded him with an overhead suplex. Steiner then hit a top rope belly-to-belly suplex on Williams, then pulled Petey up by his hair during the pin attempt to inflict more punishment. Steiner followed it up with a fall-away slam off the second rope. Steiner then brought both Feast Or Fired cases in the ring and wedged them in the corners to use as weapons. However, the referee wouldn't let Steiner ram Petey's head into them. Instead, Petey reversed it and sent Steiner into the steel. Steiner and Williams traded near-falls, with Petey going to the air to take down his opponent. As Petey was setting up Steiner for the Canadian Destroyer, a mysterious (and giant) woman came to the ring and distracted Williams, allowing Steiner to hit Petey with a powerbomb for the win and the right to both cases. After the bout Steiner posed in the ring with the woman.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash tried to give Kurt Angle advice about how to get back on Karen's good side.

The Drinking Championship match with Eric Young vs. "Cowboy" James Storm is up next. Before the bout, Eric loaded up on beer from fans at ringside, but Storm took that opportunity to attack Eric on the outside to start the bout. However, Eric nailed a Thesz Press and then clotheslined Storm to the outside. Eric then hit a top rope flying bodypress on Storm on the outside. Storm regained control, exposing the concrete on the outside and slamming Young back-first onto it. Storm tried to repeat it, but EY reversed it into a suplex onto the concrete and threw Storm back inside the ring. Later, Eric nailed a top rope moonsault, but couldn't get the pin. Jackie tried to come in, but Eric put her - and then Storm - on his shoulders for a double Death Valley driver! Jackie then handed a beer bottle off to Storm - but just as Storm was about to use it The War Machine Rhino hit the ring and annihilated Storm with a GORE! Eric covered Storm for the win to keep the Drinking Championship! After the bout, Rhino got on the microphone and claimed he has a lot to say - but the time and place would be this Thursday night on "iMPACT!"

Jim Cornette and Crystal were in Orlando, where Cornette explained that due to a decision by the South Carolina commission, the Barbed Wire Massacre bout would have to be held in Orlando later on tonight...

Up next is Awesome Kong vs. ODB for the Women's Championship. ODB and Kong started off trading punches and slaps. ODB went to the outside, where she had some words with Kong's manager Raeesha Sayeed. Back inside, ODB tried to slam Kong but couldn't lift her. Kong took ODB back to the outside and ran her into the steel barricades. Back inside, Kong went for her powerbomb finisher but ODB fought her off. Kong went for another but ODB once again slipped out and tried to knock Kong down with dropkicks. Kong regained momentum and hit ODB with a facebuster, but ODB kicked out of the pin. Kong went to the top, but ODB intercepted her and slammed her off the top! However, when ODB got distracted by Kong's manager, the champion set up ODB for the Awesome Bomb and got the pin to retain her title.

Up next is the Barbed Wire Massacre 2 match from Orlando, Florida, with Abyss vs. Judas Mesias

With the ring wrapped in barbed-wire, Judas and Abyss locked up. Both TNA stars tried to drive each other into the barbed wire, but they blocked each other's attempts until Mesias dropkicked Abyss into the razorwire, opening a cut on Abyss' arm. Abyss then dropped Mesias chest-first into the barbed wire, slicing Mesias in the process. Later, Abyss rolled to the outside and brought in a steel chair wrapped in the wire - however, Judas ended up smashing it on his step-brother, opening up Abyss' forehead. Mesias rolled to the outside and brought a barbed-wire board into the ring. Abyss and Mesias fought on the outside, with Abyss gaining the momentum and sliding out a second board. Abyss attempted to slam James Mitchell into the board on the outside, but Mesias came to his manager's rescue. Back in the ring, Mesias used a piece of barbed wired to slice Abyss' arms from shoulder to hand. However, Abyss fought back and slammed Mesias stomach-first into the razor-wire board. Later, Abyss chokslammed Mesias into a second board on the outside - then the monster went after his father James Mitchell. Abyss nailed the Black Hole Slam on Mitchell - and then another on Mesias for the near-pin. Mesias nearly whipped Abyss into the referee, but Abyss stopped his momentum just long enough to save the referee. Mesias took the opportunity to bull-rush Abyss into one of the boards in the corner. However, Abyss blocked out the pain to hit another Black Hole Slam on Mesias into the barbed wire board to get the win!

After that bloody war, the broadcast returned to Greenville as Scott Hudson interviewed Robert Roode about his upcoming bout with Booker T.

After the Roode interview, Jeremy Borash interviewed a very angry Booker T on the bout.

After the ring introductions, Booker went right after Roode to start the bout, taking him to the outside and smashing him into the steel barricades. Back inside, as Booker was pummeling Roode in the corner, Payton Banks came into the ring and distracted Booker, allowing Roode to get control. Roode poured on the offense and tried to wear Booker down. Booker came back and hit a superkick on Roode that knocked him silly. Booker did the spinarooni for the crowd, but Roode grabbed his tights and launched him out of the ring. Later, both Booker and Roode went back to the outside to brawl, but Roode took off for the back with Payton Banks following. Booker followed Roode to the backstage area. As they battled in the backstage area, the referee ordered a double countout to end the bout. Payton pulled a car up to the back - but Roode took her out of the driver's seat and sped off - leaving the arena!

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Karen Angle he wanted to renew his wedding vows with her on the special Valentine's Day edition of Impact on Thursday. Kurt then delivered some words to Christian Cage and Samoa Joe regarding tonight's main event.

Up next is the street fight with Team 3D and Johnny Devine vs. The Motor City Machineguns and "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal. Both teams started off with brawl on the entrance ramp which quickly spread all over the arena. Lethal and the Machineguns ended up triple-teaming Brother Ray before all six combatants battled back into the ring. The Guns and Lethal hit triple-DDTs on their opponents before Sabin and Shelley brought in some weapons from the outside and ended up hitting all three with trash cans. Even a kitchen sink was used as a weapon. Team 3D and Devine took back control using various weapons. Brother Ray went to hit a defenseless Lethal with a kendo stick, but the Machineguns came back for the save. Later, Brother Ray and Devon hit the 3D finisher on both Sabin and Shelley before annihilating Lethal. Brother Ray continued to pound on Lethal - leading to SoCal Val coming up to the apron to try to get Brother Ray to stop. Instead, Ray viciously pulled Val into the ring and threatened to slice her open with a cheese grater! However, Lethal saved her and ended up taking down all three of his opponents in a fit of rage. Lethal fought off Ray, Devon and Devine before Ray managed to hit him with a sitdown powerbomb. With Val still crying on the outside, Lethal fought back once again - and hit the top rope elbow drop on Johnny Devine through a table for the win! Lethal and the Machineguns saved the X Division - and Black Machismo has regained the X Division Championship! After the bout, Val came in to hug Lethal while Brother Ray tried to take the X gold. Instead, Lethal came over the top on top of Ray and took it back! Lethal leapt back in the ring to celebrate with Val while Sonjay Dutt came to the ring to join in and congratulate his friend.

Up next is the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Before the bout, Scott Hudson interviewed Christian Cage about the upcoming main event. Cage promised he would leave with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Special enforcer Samoa Joe was announced out first, followed by Cage and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle.

Angle started off by taking Cage off his feet and grounding him with a headlock. Cage was able to battle back and take down Angle for a headlock of his own. Samoa Joe sat patiently at ringside. Back in the ring, Angle charged at Cage but The Instant Classic sent him crashing into the steel post to the outside. Cage came off the top to the outside on Angle. Back inside the ring, Cage went to the top but Angle stopped him - slamming Cage down to the mat and went for a pin attempt. Angle tried to use the topes to choke Cage, but Samoa Joe came up to the apron to stop him. Angle then tossed Cage over the ropes to the outside with a belly to belly suplex. Angle went to use a chair on the outside but Joe once again stopped him. Joe and Angle got into a shoving match - allowing Cage to fight back briefly before Angle rammed Cage's injured shoulder into the steel post. Back in the ring, Angle powerbombed Cage back-first into the corner and went for a pin. The champion then grounded Cage with a leglock before hitting two German suplexes - however, Cage managed to reverse the third and nail a German suplex of his own. Cage regained the momentum and nearly scored the pinfall. Cage went to the top rope, fought off Angle and hit the frog splash - but could only get a two count. Later, Cage reversed the Olympic Slam and sent Angle to the outside.

Both TNA stars battled on the apron, with Angle somehow latching the Ankle Lock on Cage! Cage managed to break the hold, but he was hurt. Cage tried for the Unprettier, but Angle reversed it into the Olympic Slam for a pin - but Cage kicked out! Angle went for a top-rope moonsault but Cage moved. Cage once again went to the top, but Angle met him and nailed a superplex for another near-pin! Cage played possum and hit the Unprettier on Angle - but the champion kicked out! Angle accidentally took out the referee with a clothesline - allowing Cage to put the Ankle Submission on Angle. Samoa Joe came in to serve as referee, but Angle wouldn't tap and finally reached the ropes. Cage pulled Angle away from the ropes, but Karen was latched onto her husband and got dragged into the ring. Karen slapped Cage, but Cage moved when Kurt Angle came running, resulting in the Angles colliding. Samoa Joe removed Karen from the ring. AJ Styles then attempted to get involved, but Joe took him out of the bout as well as the two battled throughout the arena. Back inside, Kurt Angle brought in a chair but Cage took it away and used it on the challenger.

Tomko then hit the ring and took the chair away from Angle and threatened to punch him - but he instead threw Angle aside and nailed Cage with his finisher! Tomko quickly left the ring as Angle pulled the referee back in and got the three count to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! Tomko cost Christian Cage the World Title!

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PostSubject: Re: TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results   TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 12:51 pm

I don't what Tna is doing with Judas Mesias...yeah the purple tights are really scary

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TNA Against All Odds 2008 Results
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