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 Tag Teams & Stables

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PostSubject: Tag Teams & Stables   Tag Teams & Stables Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2008 3:17 am

Tag Teams & Stables 2a8hra0

Tag Teams & Stables 23k554o

Name: Clown Kaos
Members: Krappy The Clown & Joker The Clown
Tag Finisher: The Clown Shocker
Alignment: Heel

Tag Teams & Stables 2j0mvpc

Tag Teams & Stables 2vjeblg

Name: The Force
Members: Jed High & Toby Juan Kanobi
Tag Finisher: Deathstar
Phrases: "Let the Force be with you", "Luke We're not your fathers"
Alignment: Face

Tag Teams & Stables 5of61v

Tag Teams & Stables N5stfl

Tag Teams & Stables Wckegp

Tag Teams & Stables 34ytkr5

Name: The Stone Family Dynasty
Members: Dan Stone, Dan Stone Jr, Duane Stone & Edd Stone
Tag Finisher: Stone Drop
Phrases: "Nothing better than being a Stone"
Alignment: Face
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Tag Teams & Stables
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