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 Guide to what EWR is Part 4

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Guide to what EWR is Part 4 Empty
PostSubject: Guide to what EWR is Part 4   Guide to what EWR is Part 4 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 1:20 pm

The Editor:
You can access the file editor from the game menu. It allows you to keep the data files up-to-date. Please note that the changes you make do not affect games that you have already started, only games you start after you have made the changes.

You will see several categories, such as Workers, Staff, and Promotions. Each one of these allows you to edit the related records. At the top of each section you’ll have controls to move around the records (a record is one instance of that type; so Chris Jericho is a record, as he is one instance of the type Wrestler) such as First Record, Next Record, etc. Changes you make to a record are automatically saved; so if you were to change the shortened name of Steve Austin to simply Steve and then exit the Wrestler section, the change will be saved.

Down the side of each section is a list of all the current records. Clicking on a name will take you straight to that record; which saves you having to press Next Record several hundred times when editing wrestlers!

When you finish with a record, and go to move (either by clicking to leave the section, or going to a different record), EWR automatically runs some checks to make sure it is valid. For example, if you try to create a record for a wrestler called The Rock, EWR will not let you do this, as there is already a wrestler with that name in the database. It will also tell you if you’ve left any required fields blank. If such an error occurs, you will be warned and told that this record is invalid, and then asked whether you want to delete it. If you click No, you will remain on the current record, and will be able to make the necessary changes. If you click Yes, the record will simply be deleted from the database and you will be able to continue.

Please note that there are some restrictions; for example, for a wrestler to have a manager, that manager must be employed by the same company (or both must be unemployed \ working the independent scene).

There are also a few other buttons: Analysis tells you how many random people will need to be created to start a new game; Data Conversion allows you to move your EWR3.0 data to EWR4.0 (i recommend you make a backup of your data first); Data Clearer allows you to remove most of the information from the files (ideal for scenario makers). The final button you will see is Database Tools. From here you can quickly deal with a lot of pictures at once, and can also run the Database Maintenance program. This is the same one that is run when a new game is started, and basically fixes all the data, such as removing a wrestler's manager if they no longer work for the same company.

There is one final note: it is unwise to mess about with the files too much. For example, if you were to delete all the sponsors and forget to create new ones, the next game you start won’t have any, which will make the game extremely hard to play. The same goes for TV networks, etc.

Credit: Adam Ryland - Extreme Warfare Revenge Creator and Caws.Ws for providing me this guide to EWR
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Guide to what EWR is Part 4
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