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 Wrestling360 Rules

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PostSubject: Wrestling360 Rules   Wrestling360 Rules Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 12:49 pm

1. Respect the Staff

2. No Racism

3. No posting of Porn

4. Don't tease somebody about their race, religion, or sexuality

5. Don't advertise your site 24/7 and don't annoy members

6. No abusing, insulting or flaming of other members

7. Make sure your posts are within the confines of each board (this will result to either deleting or moving of topics/posts)

8. No repeating of posts (unless your pc is messing up)

9. Foul Language is allowed but don't go over the top with it (shit, ass, frig and hell are allowed nothing further)

Don't break these rules or you will suffer a ban, how long will depend on which rule you broke, so DON'T break any!! Evil or Very Mad Mad Twisted Evil
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Wrestling360 Rules
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